August 13 2013 Tuesday at 08:26 PM

Spring Garden Party + CanAssist Fundraiser, Tuesday 22nd October, 4pm - 9pm

Getting ready for our second CanAssist Fundraiser on October 22nd, can't wait to do it all again, we had so much fun last time and raised almost $1,000 for CanAssist.  Fabio Tolli is a great singer/songwriter/guitarist and the work of sculptural metal artist Tobias Bennett is just so clever, we are so grateful to have them both come along and support the event.  To have managed to talk Helen Phillips in to coming too is real coup - she lives just across the road and paints the most vivid images of our local area.  I also managed to get the Lazy Magpie and Pukeko Preserves to come with some of their gorgeous jams and cordials, and we will have some local plant cuttings for sale too.  And just in time for Christmas we will have some handmade cards and gift boxed Guinness fruit cakes from yours truly.  A percentage of all sales go to support CanAssist.